Organization Profile

Name of organisation: Organic Alliance Malaysia Bhd
Type: Not for profit, limited by guarantee company.
Date of incorporation: 16 October 2001
Registration number: 561787-W
Address 7, Jalan Nunn, 10350 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +604 2294 762
Fax: +604 2265 479

Aims and Objectives

  • To educate and promote the system for environmentally and socially sound methods of producing, processing and distribution of products known as “organic”.
  • To develop and set private sector standards and certification norms for the production, processing and distribution of organic products.
  • To promote, develop and implement a code of conduct in the marketing and trade of organic products.
  • To provide inspection and certification services related to the production, processing, handling and marketing of organic products.
  • To hold conferences, workshops and training where information related to organic standards, certification norms and marketing code of conduct can be exchanged and further developed.
  • To undertake technical, market and policy research and advocacy on organic agriculture and related issues at national and international levels.

Current Directors:

Name Of Person Position & Organisation
Ong Kung Wai Proprietor Consultant, Humus Consultancy & Marketing
Lim Kwong Choon General Manager, Alive Organic Sdn Bhd
Selina Gan Organic Entrepreneur
Terry Lee Managing Director, FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd