Loke Siew Foong

Radiant Code
Siew Foong graduated as a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Malaya before she joined a public listed company operating leading departmental stores as a buyer, and there she made her way up to the position of Head of Operations and Merchandising. In her 20 years in the retail business, she travel widely and amassed vast experience in product procurement and development, and business management. As she was advancing in her career, she became increasingly interested in totally new fields relating to health, nutrition, alternative medicines and the like and thus found herself venturing into the organic food business and co-establish Radiant Code Sdn Bhd (“RCSB”) in year 2000, much fitting her new-nurtured interests and aspirations. She became the managing director of the Company and steers the Company forward in that role since. For her self enhancement as well as to equip herself in the food business, Siew Foong took up a course in nutrition, and became a qualified nutritionist in 2005. Notwithstanding her busy work schedule, Siew Foong also finds time to do community work. She is one of the pioneer hospice volunteers of Kasih Hospice Care Society and is also a member of its Executive Committee.
RCSB was established at a time when there was still little public interest in “organic foods” which were perceived to be unreasonably pricey. The critics were even not too optimistic about the outlook of the business. To the contrary, Siew Foong saw its potentials as she believed that in time to come, more and more consumers would opt for organic foods when many cancers and diseases were linked to the unchecked use of chemicals, insecticides and additives in the food industry. Not surprising too, she is a firm believer in Hippocrates’ assertion that “ Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. Siew Foong works hard to develop RCSB’s business and has since proven the critics wrong. She sees to it that the Company practices good business ethics and remains committed to delivering the best organic products to its customers by sourcing them from reputable and certified organic farms and manufacturers, and stringently adhering to organic and food safety standards for processing, packing and repacking that may be required. RCSB is the first importer and distributor of organic foods in Malaysia that receives organic certification by Bio-Gro New Zealand since the year 2000. It is also HACCP and GMP certified by SGS. As an avid advocator of the organic industry, Siew Foong is glad to be involved in the founding of Organic Alliance Malaysia (“OAM”) in 2001, and to serve on the board of directors in its early years of establishment.
Siew Foong sees that there is much room for further growth of the organic food market in Malaysia. Given the cooperation of sector players and the government, she also sees that OAM can play a greater role in helping to build and promote creditability of organic products, and hence the growth of the Malaysian organic industry.